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Zhoushan jintang screw electronic commerce co., LTD., in zhoushan jintang economic leadership, under the support of the management committee was established in May 2014. Main business: the technology development of electronic commerce, network marketing planning; The construction of network platform, operation, promotion and maintenance; Marketing of plastic machinery and its accessories.

Company belongs to a service-oriented enterprises, the company entrepreneurial purposes: based on the industry cluster of zhoushan jintang molding machine screw cylinder, with more than 500 screw manufacturing companies and national distributors, agents marketing team as the foundation, to build a production enterprise, the national distributors, agents, customers are closely associated with the domestic professional and authoritative molding machine screw e-commerce platform - China screw network, realize the collection of news and information, product information, mobile platform, the Internet online mall in the integration of professional plastic machinery and accessories of the network marketing service system; Services to companies, domestic and international market, to improve and complement the existing sales model, let jintang screw brand influence further.

Company focus on developing network marketing service platform, site construction, provide from site planning, development, promotion to run one-stop service, welcome the molding machine screw enterprise, national distributors, agents joined, use is made of the existing jintang screw profile and scale advantages, greatly reduced production and marketing costs, rapidly improve the platform, let the national and global plastics machinery operator just need spare parts, can think of jintang screw, will think of entering China screw network, to find a partner. Let us work together to mutual benefit and win-win results.


Golden pond, there are more than 500 screw manufacturing enterprises is one of the country's largest molding machine screw production and export base, is worthy of the name of "China screw".

As smartphones is blossoming, the Internet into the era of mobile Internet, the latest data is that cell phones have been beyond the trend to PC computers. Enterprises begin to attach importance to the marketing platform, mobile Internet, mobile APP marketing;

Zhoushan jintang screw electronic commerce co., LTD., with the domestic famous - search search search engine company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, jointly set up mobile marketing platform for the country's largest plastic machinery accessories industry "golden pond screw" APP, search will provide "jintang screw" Internet technical service and support operations management; "Jintang screw" APP will be a production enterprise, dealers and agents, and a bridge between terminal customer group, as long as customers downloaded to mobile phones, customers can at any time to know the needs of industry information, product information, production enterprises and customers district of dealers, agents of the specific address and contact phone number, and provide the navigation map. In the service companies, domestic and international market, to improve and complement the existing sales model, let jintang screw brand influence further ascension, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Purpose of the enterprise

To open the service innovation in modern society of quality service to win the logistics business opportunities

A new model of service industry

The core purpose

Try the letter, responsibility, quality and innovation

management idea

By the good faith to win customers, with the tree brand, to manage the efficiency, and promote development by innovation


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