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Jintang molding machine screw industry r&d investment announcements

Screw characteristic town industrial creative r&d center in China, is located in "China of screw" - zhejiang zhoushan islands new district jintang area west Hou industrial park, convenient transportation, beautiful environment. Existing molding machine screw production and supporting enterprises in more than 700, products in the national market share of more than 80%. Molding machine screw industry creative r&d investment of 120 million yuan, a total construction area of 20714 ㎡, which form a complete set of 70 sets of talent expert apartment buildings with a total area of 5900 ㎡.

Is geared to the needs of the specialty is engaged in the plastic machinery research and development of industrial design, testing machines, electronic commerce, substitution, technology services, technology incubation, personnel services, financial and other kinds of industry innovation service team and win the platform operator China merchants, preferential policies, good service, welcome to conform to the industrial development of related enterprises, and also welcome the domestic and foreign well-known injection molding machine, extruder production enterprise research and development institutions to come to discuss cooperation, interested parties please contact us!

Contact unit: zhejiang zhoushan islands new district economic development board jintang management committee

Zhejiang zhoushan islands new district jintang China merchants

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