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"China of molding machine screw" went to zhoushan dinghai

Recently, the news coming out of China machinery industry federation, dinghai district was awarded the title of "China of molding machine screw" and the honorary title of the quality characteristics of regional economy in zhoushan city is the first. According to statistics, over the years, dinghai molding machine screw in the domestic market share has remained above 70%, nearly 3 years sales ranked first in the similar area, dinghai district has become China's largest production base for molding machine screw, is the national machine barrel screw, molding machine machine and other important production base of plastic machinery. During the period of "15", molding machine screw industry momentum of development is rapid, of district 2005 molding machine screw industry to realize the gross value of industrial output 2.23 billion yuan, up 43.17%; November 2006 check molding machine screw to achieve gross value of industrial output 2.27 billion yuan, up 31.8% year on year, is expected to reach annual production value of 2.8 billion yuan.

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