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International capital into parallel twin-screw granulator

With the parallel twin-screw granulator industry a pulse echo is China's economy, because after exploding market development on track, covered in the past rapid development when contradictions highlight out at this time. Conflict for a while, the interests of all parties, all kinds of different thoughts and voices coexist in the world, everywhere is full of fickleness and anxiety, but instead of the international capital market in China is more and more attention.

At present, the historical and realistic problem in front of plastic granulator industry is: as a result of the research and development of production technology backwardness and blank market hot streak of overlay, form plastic granulator profiteering era. Has attracted many international Grosvenor LTD handsome, this has happened many local tyrants domestic industry, have also brought a lot of lines, supply caused a slowdown in China, the situation of excessive competition.

Plastic granulator industry has some characteristics of transition to need to cause our attention, otherwise don't transformation is to die, the transformation is dead.

1, after several rounds of price wars and many large-scale price reduction tide, conventional machine the whole sale price plummeted, from profitable until thin. Price competition in the industry to become a "tactic" is often used, formed the price inertia - sales price = = total profits. Market problems, all to depreciate against, so do not hesitate to drop mass reduction and damage the interests of the brand image, customer and their own stand-alone profit. Is likely to be encountered during the transitional period of competitors and peer price tactics, boil but will probably get transformation.

2, domestic plastic granulator company's theory of conventional plastic granulator jin with cabbage price to sell, but its core technology has been to imitate, have never seen beyond. Of the conventional machine, including host, are seen many plastic making machine several pioneers pull up a vote of the people dare to start production. For the production technology, most companies said no pressure, produced by plastic granulator can run, the price is not expensive. But to say lines leading improvement, energy efficiency, this on domestic brands are relatively rare. Most real leading technology from one of the few international plastic granulator, dare and competing against one of domestic enterprises, are few. Formation of the situation is, on the basis of can barely products, for innovative research and development, think with their existing technology enough, there is no need to spend effort and money to improve and innovation. The equipment from the technical level and the formation of the concept In the last few years is really practical, but after the market environment changes, to maintain food would be difficult. Turn at all is a problem, not a moment to see could not be living, but transformation, spend money can research the results? Developed to market can be recognized? Be industry leader runs, was "to" imitate, earnest research really is a way out?

3, plastic granulator in China market, due to product quality and price positioning in the eyes of practitioners of enterprises including the objective existence, and in turn affect product pricing and customer purchasing. Inline took a half high-end products into two categories: one kind is imported plastic granulator, another kind is large domestic plastic granulator, half the class is the product with high price (although has relationship with the quality, but more due to pricing, ignoring the low-end demand). A half high-end market is divided into two categories: one kind is large state-owned enterprises and foreign investment projects, another kind is design institute to participate in the project market, half the class is a big customer market - large purchase quantity. Such classification habit has deeply rooted in the consciousness of some practitioners, although age and great changes have taken place in the market. Brand is established, the market for their established brand awareness can be changed? How to go to the new orientation of price and products?

4, occupying most of the domestic plastic granulator brand features: poor market or enterprise development is blocked, would rather be fought relegation than when the first person to eat crab, but if you glimpsed a business profitable, herd, regardless of tuck in. As a result, not transformation, product, service, serious homogeneity, only shopping prices; Once saw another enterprise in other field trips to new way, profitable, a clap his head in the direction of the transformation, also listed machines to produce the discovered areas have emerged after the transformation of homogeneity, have to continue to the next cycle.

For small businesses, small brands, in the case of output and small size, the quantity of a month YiErShiTai can maintain enterprise operation, although do not. But not the transformation and upgrading, most large and medium-sized plastic granulator enterprises will surely downgrade in the next 3 to 5 years, die and unlikely, fall into the second - and third-tier brand or very likely.

For some foreign brands and parts of domestic plastic granulator of state-owned enterprises in deep system, not contact with broader civilian markets, inevitably lead to highbrow, under the extrusion of domestic brands and international strong corporation, will be unsustainable. So, plastic granulator industry transformation of medium enterprises is imperative.

For the enterprise, the transformation has generally there are two. Is a kind of active transformation, namely foresee type transformation, such as that year sell PC business to lenovo, IBM is near the cheap PCS sold a high price in advance, IBM finish the transition ahead of time. Another is forced to transition, while concentrating on the problem can't solve, reversed transmission enterprise transformation, the transformation into this is very big, is also very painful, but not transformation will be boiled frog, slowly dies. Plastic granulator industry development up to now, has also go to the edge of the transition must, as to why the transformation, the above two factors or both.

Ten years of China's accession to wto, China's rapid economic expansion, economy heading for the world's ten years, parallel twin-screw granulator is also market and technology rapid development of ten years. In these ten years, through the introduction and imitation, plastic granulator threshold quickly reduce entrants, localization of progress is accelerated, embolden plastic granulator private enterprises, international brand takes root, more ground, more local and China. In spite of this, plastic granulator industry as a kind of special-purpose machinery development up to now, around the world have been gradually mature, but for China, in brief is still too early to mature. Think plastic granulator thering is no lack of industry in the industry has a person, is a sunset industry by reason of the technology research and development, potential growth space, as well as competition and profits. Can't see the cornucopia really can let a person produce a feeling of desperation, but he is really at the end of their tether plastic granulator? Not necessarily.

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